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A digital service providing tools to create “real” authentic social post drafts inside your health club, studio or gym that are enhanced by marketing experts and distributed to your club social channels daily to capture the attention of new local prospects.

  • Health and Fitness Clubs
  • HIIT and Fitness Studios
  • Yoga, Pilates and Barre
  • Indoor Cycling and Rowing
  • Boxing and Martial Arts
  • Gyms and Wellness Clubs
  • Boot Camps & Cross training
  • MMA, Boxing & Kick Boxing
  • National Associations
  • National Franchises

It’s easy! Your staff uses our mobile app to create a post draft and submit it to Coposts. Copywriters quality review & enhance each post to drive intent to action & maximize reach to your local prospects.

We’re more of a hybrid, with a human heart! We provide digital tools to create social posts at scale using the latest technology, but its our social experts, copywriters and success team that’s at the heart of making your club shine to local prospects!

We’re the only service that helps you create real social media posts at scale, in-house, and distribute them daily to your social channels as your club’s own content marketing 365 days a year at the lowest price, guaranteed!

Start Risk Free

Yes! Regardless of size, we post daily to ensure local prospects learn what your club’s personality, culture, community and staff are like so they choose you over the competition and at the lowest price, guaranteed!

Yes! If you change your mind within 14 days of signing up, we will refund you the service plan fee. Please review complete details of our money-back guarantee here.

Yes! If you find a company offering to post more authentic social media posts to your social media channels than stated in your Coposts service plan at a lower monthly price, we’ll be happy to refund your first 30 days service plan fee!

Yes! You can cancel your service plan at any time. Please review complete details of our cancellation policy here.

We’re paperless! Our Starter and Grow plans require payment by credit card. Our Pro and Premium plans can be paid by credit card or ACH digital invoice.

We understand that multi-unit and large companies may require other options. Please submit any questions to us here.


  • Facebook Club Page
  • Facebook Group Page
  • Instagram Business Page
  • Google My Business
  • LinkedIn Company Page
  • Twitter Business Profile

A social post is one draft piece of content created by an authorized user of our desktop or mobile app software that is received, reviewed, edited, approved and posted to one client social media channel by Coposts.

A mobile creator is someone who has authority to access the Coposts software as a registered user of our mobile app under the club’s monthly service plan. Additional users may be purchased at anytime.

A post draft is a piece of content created by you or your staff using Coposts desktop software or mobile app to capture an authentic image or video, add a text message and submit to Coposts.

All posts are reviewed for quality assurance and brand protection, then our social media experts and copywriters enhance each post draft as needed with content to engage and encourage intent to action, hashtags to extended reach, fun to entertain, topics to make posts more shareable and delivery at times to capture local prospects attention.


Yes! Compare and see.

Without Coposts – Take a picture or shoot a video with your mobile phone, add a caption and your text message, add your club hashtags, emojis & URL links, proof it and then upload the post to your Instagram channel.

Now, login to Facebook & Google My Business and repeat the process all over again.

Don’t forget – Repeat every day of the year!

With Coposts – Open our app, snap a picture, add a caption & text message and send it to Coposts to do the rest! (Approx. 1-2 minutes!)

Yes! Unless you have the time or expertise to manage your social media content marketing, which few owners or managers do, your only choice is to outsource to an agency or hire more staff. (All very expensive options)

Coposts not only offers you the tools to create social content in-house, which the others do not, we also offer you a low price guarantee.

Yes! We provide regular content ideas year round. We’re always improving our content calendar and delivering timely content ideas and tips for maximum ROI.

We offer plans for all size clubs, studios and gyms from an individual trainer to 10,000+ member facilities. Check out our pricing here.

We provide an expert onboarding session and continually provide new marketing and social training materials to help your content creators craft amazing post drafts that capture the attention of local prospects and make you stand out from your competitors.

Mobile App & Creators

It’s easy! You or your registered staff users open the app, take a picture or video, add text and submit to Coposts, that’s it!

No. All post drafts are submitted directly to Coposts. Our permission settings do not allow for direct posts to any social channels.

No. The app allows users to create post drafts only and submit them to Coposts. Mobile users cannot surf the web (or waste time) in the app.

Each plan comes with a designated number of creators. If you find you’d like more users to create content for you club to accommodate different work shifts, external events or simply for convenience, you can add creators to your plan at any time.

The app is only accessible to mobile creators provided by your Account Admin and submitted to Coposts in advance. Once  activated by Coposts, the account admin and each creator can download the apps for iOS and Android.

Multiple Locations

Yes. Each location typically has it own social media channels and its own local prospects. Our service is designed to amplify the content from one specific club and club community to reach their local prospects online.

No. Each account is created for one specific location and we connect that location’s specific social media channels to each users desktop and mobile app software. We also register one admin and other content creators under one specific location in the software.

No. Each location registered must have their own social media pages for that specific location. You cannot change locations and social channels in your account. (No swapping)

We are working on providing a creative solutions for marketing directors and multi-unit owners to easily review aggregate reports and real time KPI’s across multiple locations.

We send engagement reports to each account admin regularly which can be easily shared.

We currently operate in the US only but we have Canada and various European countries on our roadmap for late 2020.

Additional Features

All posts from submission to posting are created within Coposts desktop and mobile app software. All posts are screened for quality assurance including: appropriate content, language, imagery, logo use, brand voice and final review before going live.

We monitor and provide positive curated content posts related to your brand, industry news, healthy food, recipes, wellness and more. This provides additional content to your club social channels. 

Yes! We monitor and track your social media posts to analyze your engagement with prospects and members across your connected social channels and deliver an engagement report to you regularly. You can view our engagement report here.

Yes! We track all posts contributed by your staff content creators so you can reward team members that contribute the most post drafts weekly or monthly.

It encourages staff to engage more with members  and create more post drafts when they are recognized for their efforts.

Yes! Canva is a tool to create stunning designs and images easily that you can pull directly into your Coposts post drafts. You can connect your company or personal Canva account to Coposts!

Canva offers Free Forever accounts you can check out here.

Payments & Billing

We’re paperless! We accept credit card. (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) We also offer payment by ACH Digital Invoice on our Pro & Premium plans. We are powered by Stripe for all payment processing and encrypted client credit data.

All clients will receive a paid invoice after each monthly billing cycle on all plans. If paying by ACH digital invoice, you will receive invoice prior to each billing month for payment.

Yes! All Coposts plans, (3, 6 & 12 months) auto-renew for the same time period as the initial agreement unless a client upgrades to a longer term plan. All plans are billed monthly. 

Don’t be fooled by providers offering discounts or coupons for Coposts services. Only Coposts will offer authorized discounts on our services.

You may receive a discount on 6 month or 12 month agreements. Please contact our sales team for details here.


Coposts offers 3, 6 & 12 month service plans. You can cancel at anytime although we hope you don’t want to! To ensure you are familiar with our cancellation policies, please review our cancellation policies here.

Add On's

Yes! You can add an extra Admin to your plan. Please use contact form to request an extra account Admin.

Yes. You can add a content creator to any plan. Please use contact form to submit request.

Yes! You can add an additional social channel to your plan. Please use contact form to submit request.

Yes! You can add additional posts to your plan. Please use contact form to submit your request.

Please use contact form to let us know which social account you’re interested in.

Still have questions? Try our Help Center.

We strive to provide the best possible service to our clients and prospects.

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