100's of real social media posts monthly unique to your club!

We help generate more local prospects using authentic content created inside your club daily.

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It's easy and risk free to get started today with our money back & low cost guarantees!

What we do

We help local prospects choose you!

No matter what your size, Coposts helps you dominate local social media by creating 100's of authentic, expert enhanced, social media posts from inside your club, studio or gym.

The Problem

Managing multiple local social media channels and creating authentic daily posts daily takes time away from managing your business, growing revenue and is expensive to outsource.

The Solution

Our experts create 100's of authentic social posts, from inside your location monthly and distributes them to your club social channels daily to capture the attention of local prospects.

How it works

It's easy & only takes a minute!

Step 1

Snap a pic or record a video

Your staff snap's a pic or shoots a video showcasing members, new clients, staff & your amazing club community.

Step 2

Create your best caption & draft

It only takes a minute to add text highlighting your captured moment in our easy-to-use app

Step 3

Submit to Coposts in our app

Send your pic, video and text to us in just a few clicks.

Step 4

Experts review & enhance

Copywriters quality review & enhance each post to drive intent to action & maximize reach to your local prospects.

Are you ready for a Demo?

See how Coposts helps you reach local prospects.

Why it's for you

Top 6 Reasons to Start Today

Daily communication with members & prospects

Now, more than ever, communications is critical. Share daily images & video with local prospects of your staff & returning members working out in a clean, safe environment.

Build trust by sharing new plans, policies & procedures

Build trust & create honest relationships with prospects and returning members by updating them regularly on new membership plans, pricing plans, club policies and safety procedures.

100's of monthly posts made in just a few minutes a day

Your staff makes post drafts in minutes with our easy-to-use mobile app, then our experts enhance, amplify and share the final posts across your best social media channels daily

Money-back and low price guarantees remove risk

Maximize your social media marketing and local market visibility. Rebuild your prospect pipeline while saving time & money using Coposts at no risk! Check out our guarantees & get started today!

Your "real" message vs. generic "push" marketing

Priorities have changed and so must your marketing. Prospects & returning members care about safety, online options and flexibility. Real experiences are replacing "Get 1 Week Free!"

Prospects decision making relies on brand touch points

As prospects (and returning members) evaluate their choices, more brand touch points can make the difference between a decision to join your club or move on to one of your competitors

Are you a franchisor or multi-location business?

We have solutions for you through our partnership programs

Contact us today to speak with a partners program manager.

Created for health clubs, studios, gyms, trainers
and organizations just like yours!

Reach local prospects like never before! What are you waiting for?

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